Saturday, December 18, 2010

DADT - A National Joke

Don't Ask Don't Tell

Perhaps I'm too young, but I really don't know what the policy was in the US Armed Forces before Clinton introduced Don't Ask Don't Tell (DADT). I assume it wasn't a good thing, at least DADT allowed gay service men and women to have ownership over outing themselves.

But that was a long time ago, it's 2010 and most civilised societies have realised that gay service men and women have no impact on their straight colleagues. Australia, The U.K., Israel, New Zealand and a number of other countries have had their gay and straight service men and women mixing for many years. Their military forces haven't been depleted, their societies haven't collapsed.

I think this cartoon explains so well how stupid the DADT policy is.

I'm sure as service men and women go into battle it's critical they know that the person next to them is gay. Come on USA, join with the rest of the civilised world, repeal DADT and while your'e at it you need to get rid of capital punishment. You're really hanging with the wrong crowd on that one.


  1. Sorry to bust your balloon, but their militaries are depleting (except for Israel which has conscription), and their societies are collapsing, in decadal-equivalent terms; ie, crime rates, social cohesion, volunteerism, etc. But hey, so long as your statistical resources are measured in cartoons, why try and, you know, actually reason?

    Cheers, Ross.

  2. Hi Ross, thanks for leaving your comments. Can I understand from what you're saying that you believe allowing gay people to serve in the military is the cause of the decline you believe is taking place?

    The Australian defence force has reduced in size since 1991, the year it permitted gay members to openly. I have friends in the ADF and they see some declines to do more with technology than with anything else. Certainly nothing to do with gays in the military.

    "Like many of its allies, Australia allows gay men and lesbians to serve openly.(1) A 2000 study found that lifting the ban on gay service in 1992 did not have any negative effects on the ADF's morale, effectiveness or recruitment and retention and may have led to increased productivity and improved working environments.(2) Since 1 January 2009 same-sex couples have had the same access to military retirement pensions and superannuation as opposite-sex couples. (3)"


    1. "Australia Ends a Prohibition On Homosexuals in Military", New York Times, November 24, 1992

    2. Belkin, Aaron; McNichol, Jason (2000). "The Effects of Including Gay and Lesbian Soldiers in the Australian Defence Forces: Appraising the Evidence". Palm Center. Retrieved 24 September 2010.

    3. "Defence law changes recognise same-sex couples". ABC News. 18 December 2010. Retrieved 5 September 2010.

    I promise you, I've done plenty of reading and can give you enough sources to fill pages and pages. You make a good point though, I will look to include in future posts.

    Thank you


  3. Oh brother. Come on Ross are you serious? What a crashing non sequitur. Ever heard of the logical fallacy called post hoc ergo propter hoc? You just gave a perfect example. Now how about showing some actual evidence for your claim?

  4. Tom Hedkvist, 10-gruppenJanuary 2, 2011 at 8:37 PM

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