Sunday, March 13, 2011

I've Moved in with my Man

Hi everyone

My partner and I have finally made the move and found an apartment for us to call home. We're now 25 mins from work, close to the Sydney downtown area and close to Sydney Airport. The move was pretty seamless, we got movers to help us with the heavy stuff. My partner was overwhelmed with the amount of 'stuff' I have. I've managed to throw quote a bit away, which is always a good thing.

Living with a room-mate/flat-mate is not new, but sharing the bed and moving into a home with my lover is a whole new experience. I'm loving it! There's been some compromise, but it's all good. I'm finding that making sacrifices for someone that you love is a really nice process.

As we made the few ritualistic trips to IKEA to find those very specific storage solutions, coming home we had to put them together. As we were on the floor assembling IKEA shelves, I looked to my partner and I said, "two is really so much nicer than one". On the surface, assembling IKEA with two is really so much easier than one. But, for many other reasons, two is really so much nicer than one.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

R U LDS? Will you take my Survey?

Hi Everyone,

A number of months ago I posted a message inviting Gay LDS (Mormon's) to participate in a survey that I'm conducting to support a book I'm writing.

The response has been great and reading your comments has at times been heart wrenching - thank you for being so honest and open in your comments.

I wanted to post the link here again for those that may not have taken the survey. It's only 10 questions and will take you no more than 6 minutes to complete. It's anonymous and I'll have no idea who you are unless you include your name and email in the comments field.

I need to get at least 20 more responses. If you know any gay LDS who you feel might be happy to answer a few questions, you'd make my day if you'd share the link or this blog with them.

Thanks for your help and as promised I'll publish the initial results and review here on the blog within the next few months pending me getting the right number of responses.

Simply click here to complete the survey.

Thank you


My Boyfriend, Christmas and the Family!

Hi everyone - it's late, a long day at work and for some reason I feel like blogging - nuts! But, I have some things to share. As Dan Savage says, "it really does get better".

This past Christmas, my partner and I went to spend Christmas with my mum, my sister and her family and my extended family. Mum and my partner have met a number of times before and they adore each other, that's awesome. It warms my heart that they're so close - it makes me a little nervous too :-)

However, it was the first time my sister, her husband the four kids and the extended family met him. I was a little nervous for him and also for myself. But, I had no reason to be, everyone was so cool. It was as though he'd been a part of the family forever. I was relieved and overjoyed.

Just this past week, I was on SKYPE with my 8 year old niece and she asked after my partner. "Is he there?" she said. No was the answer, we don't live together yet. She was adorable that she would think to ask after him. Ok, I'm a sap, I had a little tear in my eye.

At the end of next month we're moving into together. We found a fabulous brand new apartment just south of Sydney CBD (city) and we're very excited. I'm looking forward to building a home with the man I love. Corny perhaps, but I'm really excited.

Here I am, 39 years old and excited that I'm moving in with my boyfriend, my partner and my lover. He's never had a flat mate or room mate before, that may be a challenge in itself. But I can't wait. We want to do all the silly gay things you'd expect, decorate, coordinate, buy a King size bed, have matching towels etc etc.

So, if you're a teenager and your'e struggling with your sexuality. I promise you, it really does get better. You don't have to wait until you're 39 like me. As soon as I left high school it got better.

Please share your experiences with family meeting your partners so others can see that it doesn't have to be a nightmare experience.