Saturday, April 28, 2012

GLBTI Mormon Dinner

We have a facebook group "Aussie Gay Mormons". The site is a little active, we recently had about 6 guys join our happy throng! A young guy from Sydney's west asked about a catch up with the group. We've had a few dinners over the years, usually held at a gay friendly bar or pub. So, it looks like we'll have another one shortly. He commented that it would be nice to meet other gay LDS members and to talk with them about what life is like as a member of the Church, not that all still carry membership. For each of us the experience has been quite different.

Canadians Are Cool

I recently caught up with a Canadian girlfriend who had lived in Melbourne but went home to Canada about three and a half years ago. She got married to what she thought was the perfect man, RM, BUY Alumni, Temple Worker, MTC Teacher and they lived in Provo. The marriage lasted about two years and he finally just gave up and left Church and she in turn left him. Not because he stopped going to Church, but there were many changes in his life and she no longer felt he was the man she married. Good call for her, she's happy and life is good. She's in Australia for a holiday with a girlfriend from Canada.

We managed to catch up for a lunch at my office, I literally had an hour, a busy day. She asked that question that always makes be cringe a little "Are you still going to Church?". I decided some time ago that lying about that was not a good idea, so of course I told her the truth. Almost three years down the track, I still find it hard to say "I'm gay". So I usually say something like "I finally came out of the closet". I'm not sure why that is easier. She's Canadian so with that I make a general assumption that she's open minded, I was right. (I do love Canadians). She was cool, even supportive. She has other gay friends and is aware of the struggles we go through. We enjoyed our lunch, had a few laughs and then she was off to catch up with her girlfriend who was enjoying the Sydney Opera House.

RM Loves Me As A Brother

I also caught up with a friend from Virginia, he'd served his mission here in Sydney. Over the years I've caught up a few times with he, his wife and family while in the US on business or holidays. He's a great guy and yes I had a crush on him many years ago, I suppose I still do, he's a great guy and a good member of the Church. I noticed on Facebook that his wife had remarried and was living in Utah. This obviously meant my friend was divorced and so I sent him a note to pass on my regards and to be supportive of him in what I can only imagine must have been a difficult time. His two boys are living with his ex wife, now on opposite sides of the US.

I took this opportunity to tell him I'd "come out" with the hope he'd take that news in the way I hoped. He didn't respond for almost two months and I must admit I thought I'd lost him as a friend. I was wrong, he responded, apologised for the delay and told me he would always love me as a brother. You can imagine my relief. He said he was never aware of my situation and the challenge it must have been over the years.

Why "On My Way Out"

I called this blog "On my way out" for a reason, because it's a journey. Maybe one day I'll start a new blog "I'm Out" however I imagine that URL has already been taken. Got any suggestions?

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