Sunday, March 13, 2011

I've Moved in with my Man

Hi everyone

My partner and I have finally made the move and found an apartment for us to call home. We're now 25 mins from work, close to the Sydney downtown area and close to Sydney Airport. The move was pretty seamless, we got movers to help us with the heavy stuff. My partner was overwhelmed with the amount of 'stuff' I have. I've managed to throw quote a bit away, which is always a good thing.

Living with a room-mate/flat-mate is not new, but sharing the bed and moving into a home with my lover is a whole new experience. I'm loving it! There's been some compromise, but it's all good. I'm finding that making sacrifices for someone that you love is a really nice process.

As we made the few ritualistic trips to IKEA to find those very specific storage solutions, coming home we had to put them together. As we were on the floor assembling IKEA shelves, I looked to my partner and I said, "two is really so much nicer than one". On the surface, assembling IKEA with two is really so much easier than one. But, for many other reasons, two is really so much nicer than one.


  1. There is so much to life when you allow yourself to follow your heart despite going against what you were taught. That is where creativity comes from. And that is where listening to the spirit comes from. I am glad you have followed your heart and are now with the one you love. You inspire all of us

    1. Thank you Cinder, I appreciate your comments. I've spent the past 12 months away from my blog, I'm sorry for delayed response. I'm back into it feeling very motivated by a serious of LDS kids at BYU Provo. Cheers, Derek